Endorphine or Endomorphine, are group of big molecules, present in certain part of the brain,
and wich have a high affinity for the receptors of morphine.
More clarly for me, this section is a tribute to what keeps me from exploding.

Johnen Vasquez

Drawer of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee and I Feel Sick.
Johnnen is so right about Johnny being hte last bation befor world sink into violence... but you would have to read the book...


There is all about the music I like, I didn't talk about all the CD I have, it would be too long, and as for now, you just have covers and titles, maybe if you're patient, someday they will be lyrics, and maybe some songs too.


Vampire the Masquerade

That's a role playing game for those who wouldn't know. I love Role playing game because it's like a chess game in 3 D for me.. hard to explain. you'll find there the two chronicles I have, for one played:

The ROC and the second run: Paris By Night

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