La ballade des pendus La ballade des pendus, by François Villon

So you just arrived in Paris, and barely installed you feel the call of the night. The old buildings seem to invite you to come and explore them, the bats -unless they are pigeons?- who lend on the edge of the window make you feel deeply melancholic, you dream of complete nights spent in medieval caves and share with others some batcave music. In a word, where to start you gothic trip?

First, wait for the veil of night, and go to the Blackdog to pick up some flyers and get to know the local faun. Next step the parties, have a look at the Convulsions sonores website, and make your choice : you have usualy a lot of concerts and parties, still go first for St-Sab for the most beautiful parisian cave or le chateau de Pierrefond, amazing but rare. Several shops and cimeteries for your day time walk as well as some others curiosites should also please you.

If you're not very accustomed with the parisian public transports, you should know that the subway closes around 01h until 05h30 (time when parties end, when the bars usually close around 02h) and buses become fewer and fewer from 20h30 and in the week ends, to be replaced by 01h by night buses. If you stay for few days, it's better to buy a "navigo pass" (weekly or monthly, 2 zones subscription). As tickets they are valid for both metro and buse.

At the end, you can use this map to spot things easily in the city.

There are usually one or two gothic nights per week. Severals solutions to be aware of those events: Convulsions sonores first, severals facebooks or the flyers in bars (Blackdog...) and shops such as Edemonium. You should know that musically, most clubs play electro-indus mixes and batcave, with the exception of the Rock&Roll Damnation night in St-Sab, which is more specialized with 80's punk-rock. As for the clothing, you'll find anything such as medieval dresses, simple black shirts, vinyl skirts for the " goth-slut ", punks and monks robes' the dress code is fairly open. A little too much even, it happens that some tourists came dressed in jeans tennis shoes and white shirts, and don't fit in with the ambiance. The prices for the drinks are something like 2 euro for the soft drinks, 3 euros for beers, and 5 for other alcoolic drinks.

Caves St-Sabin: Considered as the best of the parisian nights. Les caves are just amazing with their multiple corners and alcoves. The light and decoration (candles and bronze horse, painting') Everything has been put together to create the perfect gothic ambience, the toilets are even considered as essential sets of the night ! The music varies depending of the organisation which is in charge of the night, it has in general something to do with the classical punk gothic batcave of the 80's, mixed up with some new songs and old melodies to satisfy every dwellert. There are also some Taverne Médievale nights organised every once in a while with knights in armor, music and appropriated food, which are usually worth seeing.
  Adress: 50 rue St Sabin (XI°)
  Bus: 91
  Subway: St-Sabin
  Opening hours: from 23h until dawn
  Price: between 0 and 13 euros according to the night
  Web site:

Bal des vampires: An old outing which takes place like St Sab in caves, smaller and not as well decorated, specially when they decide turn on the disco lights. Despite this and the turkish like toilets, the ambience is excellent and you'll meet as well old veterans, people dressed alike the count Dracula, curious or baby-bats. The music goes from heavenly at the beginning of the party, when the caves ares till deserts, to batcave classics, cut buy a large period of electro/indus around 2/3h in the morning, sometimes you'll be able to hear punk, before ending with " Bela Lugosi's ". No surprise then, only the assurance that you'll always and ever go to the same ol' party, months after months, years after years. Beware of the tourists more and more numerous due to the fashion area, and to the fact that the bouncer haven't decide yet to slice open their throats. This place was close during 2008-2009 and now only partialy re-open. So check the flyers.
  Adress: 7, rue Lechapelais (XVII°)
  Subway: La Fourche
  Opening hours: from 22h until dawn every first saturday of the month.
  Price: 14 euros with a drink, 12 euros for members (just ask for a free card when you're inside).
  Boissons: 50 cents less until midnight. Tips: try the sangria!
  Web site:

Bateau Concorde Atlantique: A party on a boat on the seine, with a terrace, which allows you to breath the fresh air, before diving again into the masses. 2 dance floors, one batcave/new wave and the other electro/indus for those who like noises.
  Adress: 8 quai Anatole France, near the musée d'Orsay.
  Subway: Concorde or Assemblée Nationale
  Opening hours: from 23h until dawn every last saturday of the month
  Price: 13 euros
  Web site:

Théatre de Nesle: Created by the dynamics members of the "Crépuscule des Damnés", these parties take place in the heart of Paris and are a good alternative to St-Sab, with a rockier music and sometimes artistic performances.
  Adress: 8, rue de Nesle (VI°)
  Subway: Odéon
  Opening hours: from 23h until dawn
  Price: Between 8 and 12 euros, breakfast include !
  Web site:

Le Klub: Right in the heart of Paris, le Klub has two floors; one, very nice, for batcave addicts while the other (with a disco feeling...) is using for electro and industrial musics. The mood is okay and there usualy a lot of people wich is not always a good thing as the place is quite small.
  Adresse: 14, rue Saint Denis (I°)
  Métro: Châtelet / Les Halles
  Bus: Maybe 50% of all paris bus stop there :)
  Opening hours: de 23h until dawn.
  Prices: Between 10 and 14 euros. Sometimes less.
  Web site:

La Loco: A classic club where gothic groups play every once in a while. Lately, they also organise goths nights once a week, but it's mostly new-wave/80's pop, not very interesting, even more since they play at the same time disco or techno on the other dance floors. You'll probably meet several newbees who just came out of curiosity. Renammed La Machine du Moulin Rouge, there's now almost zero spooky gigs there.
  Adress: 90 boulevard de Clichy (XVIII°)
  Subway: Blanche
  Price: Between 0 and 25 euros.
  Web site:

After the sad death of the Kata-Bar, dark music's lovers now drink there beverages in the east Paris: starting at the Blackdog (metal/goth), the Cantada (spooky/punk) or the Furieux (rock). Note that the first two often set special events: concert, movies, art and so on.

Blackdog: Restaurant bar, more metal than really goth, but with a rather pleasing dark atmosphere. Walls stream with black, and BeetleJuice like chairs bend in high. A T-Fighter even found refuge in a corner! Also try the south american food in the restaurant part.
  Adress: 26, rue des Lombards (IV°)
  Bus: 38, 67, 74, 75, 76
  Subway: Châtelet - Les Halles
  Opening hours: Every days from 11h to 2h except sunday from 17h to 2h
  Web site:

Dr Feelgood: Located just by the Blackdog, this new spot is specialised in rock and metal music, with live gigs every weeks. The dark paint mixed with red and green neons make it looks like some kind of cool US biker bar.
  Adress: 37 rue Quincampoix (IV°)
  Bus: 38, 67, 74, 75, 76
  Subway: Châtelet - Les Halles
  Opening hours: From Monday to Saturday, 11h-2h
  Web site:

Le dernier bar avant la fin du monde: You'll find in this new space a wall covered with lovecraftian's incantations, a library full of fantasy books and boardgames to use at will, but also starwars cocktails, mana potions etc. The underground is a very cool Tron like room and sometime displays arts or events. Without a doubt it's THE place to be if you like geek-related subjects.
  Adress: 19, avenue Victoria (I°)
  Bus: 38, 21, 67, 74, 75, 76
  Subway: Châtelet - Les Halles
  Opening hours: Every days from 10h to midnight
  Web site:, twitter and facebook

La Cantada: Very nice metal/indus/punk bar, with an underground philosophy; everyone is welcome, there's good, original drinks (absinthe and medieval beer!) but also spooky expos, artistic shows, strange movies etc. A must see!
  Adresse: 13 rue Moret (XI°)
  Métro: Couronnes / Ménilmontant

Piano-Vache: It's a little bar, near by the Pantheon, dwelled during the week buy students, and morph every wenesday into a gothic hideout. Very good musical program, and the tv plays all evening long videos more or less goth.
  Adress: 8, rue Laplac (V°)
  Subway: Maubert
  Opening hours: Every days from 12h to 2h except saturday and sunday from 21h to 2h
  Web site:

Les Furieux: It's a bar close to Bastille, which plays dark/indus every wenesday evening. The metalic decoration, the dark red colour and the spooky painting attract many spooky kids, especially before a party at St-Sab, wich is a few streets away.
  Adress: 74, rue de la Roquette (XI°)
  Bus: 91
  Subway: Bastille
  Opening Hours: 16h-2h from tuesday to friday and 19h until dawn saturday and sunday
  Web Site:


Flibustier: A pirate-themed shop where you'll find jewelries carved with skulls (and sometimes tentacles). Good quality, everything is homemade in France and therefor you can customize some parts (color, metal, stone...) or even ask for a text to be engraved.
  Adress: 15 rue du Bourg Tibourg (4°)
  Bus: 67, 69, 76
  Subway: Hôtel de Ville or Saint-Paul
  Opening hours: 11h-14h and 14h30-20h from monday to saturday and 14h-19h on Sunday
  Web site:

Grouft: Taking advantage of its situation in the heart of Paris, le Grouft sells for almost 20 years the panoply "of the perfect goth". Don't expect the best quality but there is lot of choice. Go there to pick up flyers or to meet the local faun. Closed since end of 2016.
  Adress: 28 rue de la Grande Truanderie (I°)
  Bus: 38
  Subway: Les Halles
  Opening hours: from monday to saturday, 11h30 - 19h30

L'indien: Three shops with all the goth/steam/cyber/punk/rock styles you may wants... often quite cheap. The fact that several others geeky shops (comics, cosplay, roleplay etc.) are in this street and the underground bar Le Furieux at the corner makes this zone a big parisian hub.
  Adress: 25, 30 et 35 rue de la Keller (XI°)
  Bus: 1, 5 et 8
  Subway: Bastille
  Opening hours: from monday to saturday, 10h30 - 19h
  Web Site:

Soulfetish: High quality jewels and leather. If you like to ride, they also design their own Harley-Davidson merchandises.
  Adress: 48 rue de Turenne (III°)
  Bus: 93
  Subway: Chemin Vert
  Opening hours: from tuesday to saturday, 10h30 - 19h30
  Web Site:

New Rock Paris: After some years in torpor, Paris once again has an official New Rock seller ! Located in the Keller's gothic hub, you'll find there dozens of shoes models but also bags, bracelets, shirts and even couch right from the spanish brand workshop.
  Adress: 25 rue Keller (XI°)
  Bus: 69
  Subway: Saint-Sabin, Voltaire, Bastille

Harajuku: For gothic-lolita's fanatics. You'll find maid outfits, princess dress, dark/kawaii trinkets etc. even sometimes cosplay events.
  Adresse: 17 rue Lagrange (V°)
  Bus: 38, 47...
  Métro: Maubert Mutualité

Edemonium: A real cabinet of spooky curiosities with strange skulls, cthulhish statues and others mysterious flasks! Despite being small, you shouldn't miss this shop, as lots of works there are originals that can't be find elsewhere.
  Adress: 11 rue du platre (IV°)
  Subway: Hôtel de ville or Rambuteau
  Opening hours: from monday to saturday, 13h - 20h
  Web site:

Edemonium Bijoux: The tiniest gothic shop you'll ever find in Paris! Specialised into rings, bracelets and other dark jewelries. Several homemade and unique models at a very reasonable price.
  Adress: 5 rue la Feuillade (I°)
  Subway: Bourse or Sentier
  Bus: 29
  Opening hours: from monday to saturday, 13h - 19h

Boys loove girl: Alike the Grouft with maybe a bit more choice (especially for pants, belts and bracelets) and quieter despite the 200 meters that separate the shops.
  Adress: 5 et 7 rue du Cygne (I°)
  Subway: Etienne Marcel
  Opening hours: everyday but sunday, 11H - 19h30
  Web site:

Darkland: (dissection in progress...)
  Adress: 3 rue Sauval (I°)
  Subway: Louvre or Chatelet - Les Halles
  Opening hours: 13h - 20h from tuesday to saturday

Voriagh: Parisian brand of gothic-chic prêt-à-porter, made in France.
  Adress: 29 rue du faubourg Montmartre (IX°)
  Subway: Le Peletier or Grands Boulevard
  Web site:

Gavilane: Luxury and spooky jewellery; You'll find there awesome pendants, brooches and earings with skulls or spiders patern. It's all pure silver, jade and onyx, everything is made in France so expect 100 to 3000 euros accorting to the (unique) piece.
  Adress: 39 rue Vieille du Temple / 14 rue Malher (IV°)
  Subway: St Paul
  Web site:

Black Lotus: "Fetish-cyber-goth clothes with strong personality". Official Skintight reseller, this shop opened in 2008 and hold regular artistic exhibitions.
  Adress: 93 rue des couronnes (XX°)
  Subway: Couronnes
  Opening hours: 14h - 20h from wendnesday to saturday
  Web site:

Black Norns: Sweet victorian looking shop with a small but varied choice (goth/cyber/lolita etc) and uniques creations. Also there is sometimes art exhibition in it.
  Adress: 37-39 rue Saint honoré (I°)
  Subway: Châtelet
  Opening hours: 13h - 20h on monday and 11h - 20h from tuesday to saturday
  Web site:

Théatr'Hall: A great shop to find clothes just theater like, 18th or 19th century style! Capes, top hat, dresses, shirts, masks, etc. Closed since 2016. Though you can still order online and use their depot in Paris XII°.
  Adress: 3 carrefour de l'Odéon (VI°)
  Subway: Odéon
  Opening hours: 10h30 - 19h30 from monday to saturday
  Web site:

Doc Martens: One of the rare official boutique and the best way to avoid fakes anywhere else. Be warned that for a few years now, most of these shoes are made not in England but in sweat-shops.
  Adress: 12 rue Pierre Lescot (I°)
  Bus: 38 et 47, arrêt Chatelet les Halles
  Subway: Châtelet - Les Halles
  Opening hours: 10h30 - 19h30 from monday to saturday
  Web site:

Voltage: Probably the last parisian disc shop specialised in metal music. From Black Sabbath's bootlegs to your last norvegian doom release, they have them all.
  Adress: 23 Rue du Roi de Sicile (IV°)
  Subway: Saint-Paul
  Opening hours: 11h - 19h from monday to saturday

La Mandragore: Three tiny little shops for lovers of celtic mythology. Figurines and jewels representing fairies, imps and other leprechauns can be found there.
  Adresses: 121 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine (XI°) / 45 rue Saint-Placide (VI°) / 238 rue des Pyrées (XX°)
  Subway: Ledru-Rollin / Saint-Placide / Gambetta
  Opening jours: 10h30 - 19h30 from monday to saturday
  Web site:

Dèmonia: THE fetish dungeon of Paris, for all your BSDM's fantasies ^^
  Adress: 22 avenue Jean Aicard (XI°)
  Subway: Ménilmontant or Saint-Maur
  Opening jours: 11h30 - 19h30 from monday to saturday
  Web site:

Album: Same theme as Arkham, but with a movie section in add where you can find books about goths, Giger, Tim Burton, about movies with giant bats from outer space, etc.
  Adress: 67 boulevard St Germain (V°)
  Bus: 47
  Subway: Clunny-Sorbonne

Librarie du Graal: Esoteric bookshop for more than 30 years. Lots of old and mysterious secrets sleep here !
  Adress: 15, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau (I°)
  Subway: Louvre-Rivoli
  Opening hours: Monday 13h30 - 18h45 and from tuesday to saturday 10h30 - 18h45
  Web site:

Repliqua: You can find there remake of medieval shields, armors, swords and so on. Good price and quality for every Lord of the Rings addicts.
  Adress: 14, rue des Écoles (V°)
  Subway: Maubert-Mutualité
  Bus: 47

Il Campiello: Venicians art, especially beautiful masks but also maps and clothes. If you walk there, take some times to enjoy the old streets all around.
  Adress: 88, rue Saint-Louis en l'Île (I°)
  Subway: Cité
  Bus: 38, 96, 21

V.O. Boutik: Small shop with neo-romantique cloths.
  Adress: 43, rue Mouffetard (V°)
  Subway: Monge
  Bus: 47
  Opening hours: from tuesday to saturday, 13h - 20h30 and sunday 15h - 20h.
  Web site:

L'Antre Monde: More than a bookshop with esoterism, erotic and uchronian thematics, this place (near the Pere Lachaise cimetary) is a true hub for Underground's lovers, with it art galery and even a rocking-chair for extra hospitality value.
  Adress: 142, rue du Chemin Vert (XI°)
  Subway: Pegrave;re Lachaise
  Bus: 61, 69
  Opening hours: monday 11h - 19h30 and from tuesday to saturday 10h30 - 19h30.
  Web site:

Rocket 34: Cyberdog seller as well as others electro-goth brands.
  Adress: 34, rue de la Roquette (XI°)
  Subway: Bastille
  Bus: 91

Oeuf Cube: Role playing shop with lots of books, old or recent, written in french or in english. They also sell trading card games such as V:TES or Werewolf. There are others shops of that kind in the quarter, but a worth seeing is the shop Descartes, rue des écoles, where you'll find board games.
  Adress: 24 rue Linné (V°)
  Subway: Jussieu
  Opening hours: from monday to saturday, 10h15 - 19h
  Web site:

Listed below the most gothic places of Paris, those which are not specifically detailed in touristic guides. Of course there are lots of other gothic places, such as churches and Notre Dame which remains a must see for all the tourist followers. The most wonderful place in the city (in the world?) must be one of the bridges around the St-Louis island (near Notre Dame). Just walk there during a summer night to feel the magic.

Place de la rue des Barres: Very calm place having kept a medieval mood; Around a small paved place, a church, an old "auberge de jeunesse" with visible beams, a dwelling entirely covered with ivy, nearly no noise from the traffic... And to enjoy the whole, a tiny tearoom ideally placed! A must see.
  Adress: rue des Barres (IV°)
  Subway: Hotel de Ville

Père Lachaise's cemetery: The best is to enter by the back door, the artist entrance, and to get lost quickly in the maze that is the Pèere Lachaise. There are mostly little chapels, typically 19th century like, and terribly gothic. Try to get a t the top, not to follow the drawn paths, and to enjoy the astonishing trees, and more importantly, to run away from the crowd.
The curiosities of Le Père Lachaise are the Allen Kardec tomb (father of spiritism), or Oscar Wilde (covered with red kisses), avoid anyhow the Jim Morrisson tomb, which presents little interest: it's a small tomb hidden behind a big square chapel, surrounded by barriers to avoid the degradations that Morrisson's "fans" inflict to the tombs around.
If you like strange stuff, you can go to see the Victor Noir tomb, of which some parts have been well polished: a common belief says that touching the statue helps with fertility.
Or even just walk around, read a book and enjoy the tranquility of the place, as you wish.
  Adress: Avenue Gambetta, Boulevard de Ménilmontant (XX°)
  Bus: 61, 69, 26, 60 or 76
  Subway: Père-Lachaise, Gambetta or Philippe-Auguste
  Opening hours: 8h30 - 17h30
  Web site: (really great site!)

The catacombes: The part allowed to visits is spooky but quite small. It's better to go and explore the other part but for that you'll need someone who knows the maze; Also mind that illegal exploration by night can be very dangerous (with the real risk to get lost within the kilometres of underground galleries or to meet some lovecraftian cultists or even worst: a human being).
  Adress: 1, place Denfert Rochereau (XII°)
  Bus: 38
  RER: Denfert Rochereau
  Opening hours: 14h - 16h from tuesday to friday, 11h - 14h saturday and sunday
  Prices: 3 to 5 euros.
  Web site:

Montparnasse's cemetery: Not as wild as the Père Lachaise, the cimetière Montparnasse is still worth beeing seen for all the excentrico-gothic tombs and its typically parisian atmosphere.
  Adress: Boulevard Edgard Quinet, Rue Froidevaux (XV°)
  Subway: Edgar Quinet, Montparnasse-Bienvenüe, Raspail


Le manoir de Paris: From the Phantom of the Opera to the Medicis serial killer, discover the darkest legends from Paris with this sophisticate ghosthouse.
  Adress: 18, rue de Paradis (X°)
  Subway: Gare de l'Est, Château d'eau
  Opening hours: Mostly evenings and weekends
  Web site:

The museum of Vampires: "My name is Jacques Sirgent. Trust me and entrust me with a short moment of your time and let me guide you, in english and french through the premises of what is Le Musée des Vampires. As Dracula once said: leave some of the happinness you bring, but take the friendship and memories I offer you, for life..."
  Subway: Porte des Lilas
  Opening hours: Night & Day, booking required.

Mysteries of Paris: Ghost & haunted places, theatre of the vampire, history of absinthe, gargoyles... This original book & tour will be revealed in Spring 2009 !
  Web site:

Shakespeare & Co: A fabulous place, and so british too, built for lovers of old books. It's an Anglo-Saxon book shop (even if you'll be able to find books in other languages) and surreal: stairs build on books, the walls are made of books, and racks look like they are going to crack under the books weight. On the first floor, sofas are there to welcome you and rest while reading some XVIIIth century's poetry or an essay about sorcery: A must seen!
  Adress: 37, rue de la Bûcherie (V°)
  Bus: 38
  Subway: St-Michel
  Opening hours: from noon to midnight, everyday. Readings the mondays at 20h.
  Web site:

Studio Galande: A movie theater in the heart of the Latin quarter, which plays for years now and every week the cultissime The Rocky Horror Picture Show with actors on the scene : a delirious show! Disadvised to all who prefer to see a movie in silence. By the way if you have not seen this movie already expect to see... hmmm expect to see something very special.
  Adress: 42, rue Galande (V°)
  Subway: Saint-Michel, Maubert-Mutualité
  Web site: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Guide for Virgins

Paris Zombie: Every year for Halloween, the biggest Undead Union leads this big event where thousands of zombies gather in search of blood: come with your own make up for extra fun ! (Check the website, the walk is usualy a saturday in October)
  Web site:

Vidéosphère: One of the last, true, parisian videoclub; Especialy interesting as you may find there lots of underground, very old and/or foreign movies, be it on videotapes, DVDs or Bluray.
  Adress: 105, boulevard St-Michel (VI°)
  Bus: 38
  Subway: RER Luxembourg
  Web site: